In short, it focuses on data, decision and workflow support both in short and long-term.
There is nothing about the beauty contest.

It’s about money and supporting workflows, being furthest away from the “beauty contest”. The key point of Operational BIM is the graphical asset inventory inside a building – obviously also including the floor plans, 3D models of them. These assets can be equipped with unique identifiers such as barcodes or RFID chips that can be used to build up controllable maintenance workflows (e.g. requiring the worker to read them once doing the work). In addition additional properties can be recorded to any BIM element e.g. photos of the machine when it is taken apart to support future maintenance or condition data to help planning and tendering renovations.
In case of Operational BIM it is essential to collect the already existing building data with high speed, high accuracy and using simple and rugged tools that you can give into the hands of e.g. a technician. No engineering skills required thus it is easier to find and educate surveyors to take into control.

One more key benefit of Operational BIM is that the model is maintained by the already existing maintenance crew onsite, where and when changes happen. This means all building data will be stored in a central digital twin as a BIM database instead of storing them in the heads of the maintenance people and subcontractors.

For more details read the full article: The Operational BIM | OrthoGraph Operational BIM

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