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OrthoGraph and Operational BIM ?

Play with your own numbers!

Check out our cost and ROI calculator. Here you can enter your property data, your expected savings in some of the major segments.

As a result you will be able to see how fast or how many times will be your Return on Investment by implementing OrthoGraph and Operational BIM

Have more questions?

Check out our FAQ page where you can find answers to many questions from the industry. We continuously extend the list of questions and answers that we get from our clients, prospect meetings or we find important based on the already implemented solutions.

Meet OrthoGraph!

Should you have more questions or want to see a live 1:1 demo of OrthoGraph, then please book an appointment directly to our calendar.

We promise, what you will see will not just be interesting, but also different from anything else you have seen before.

All this live!

Ready for a pilot!

The easiest, totally risk free way of trying OrthoGraph to start a pilot project. If there is a building to be ditized, then for the price of a regular survey + inventory services we create your Operational BIM containing everything that is important for you.

Condition survey? Graphical asset inventory of visible assets? Factory documentation?

Get it in weeks!

What we will be required to provide you with a dedicated offer are the followings:

  • Building Type – office, shoppping mall, factory, hospital, warehouse…
  • Approximate net area of the building to be surveyed
  • Would you like to have an inventory of visible assets? If yes, then how many are there approximately?
  • Would you like to have photos and or panoramas of the most interesting objects, locations etc?
  • If you would like to have panoramas, then how many locations do you have approximately?

We will give you a nonbinding offer. Drop us an email to

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