Meeting Room Management

Having a graphical BIM model is a value for the building owner and the building operator, but it can also be a competitive advantage for them if they share it in different ways to their clients, to the tenants or employees located in the buildings.

OrthoGraph Public Viewer is a web functionality, through which everybody can display the 3D or floor plan view of any OrthoGraph BIM model and then initiate an action. Initiating an action means calling a function of any connected external system that needs building data.

Imagine sharing a sharing a BIM model of a building to a tenant for handling shared locations like meeting rooms, their usage can be displayed with descriptive colors meanwhile if the customer clicks any of the locations, then the meeting room management system can be brought up with already set location information. In this case the meeting room management system can display the current calendar of the particular meeting room and the user can schedule it for its demands with simple clicks driven from the graphical view of the building.

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