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To successfully implement OrthoGraph Projects professional services are required to capture building data, to define the level of integration with existing or newly implemented software systems and to do the required implementation and business process reengineering.

By measuring buildings accurately the building operational services, facility management activities can benefit a lot from the newly available data. The level of cost reduction while increasing the sold service level relies on the quality of planning and implementation of using the accurate BIM models.

OrthoGraph is far more than just providing accurate BIM models handed over in files like DXF, IFC or Excel sheets. Reusing them in the OrthoGraph Ecosystem long-term provides easier communication between the maintenance crew working on-site and the other part of the team working in the office by accessing it graphically on mobile devices and in web browsers.

In addition to easier communication the OrthoGraph BIM models can be kept always up-to-date during the everyday operational work nearly with no additional efforts by the trained group of users.

To provide the professional quality of services OrthoGraph has introduced a qualification program where by participating on trainings and then successfully closing related exams our partners can become professionals of providing OrthoGraph related services. If a partner gets a certification then it assures that the partner has fulfilled all requirements and completed a successful exam of its knowledge.

As the OrthoGraph Ecosystem is developed continuously, the services and functionality of it grows day-by-day. To benefit from all opportunities of this Ecosystem our certified partners have to renew their certifications every year by completing additional trainings and exams. This ensures that our users will always get the highest quality services and will benefit the most from using the OrthoGraph Ecosystem.

Qualficiations are provided to companies, individuals and projects as to buildings and system implementations managed by OrthoGraph. Each certification confirms high level of quality.

OrthoGraph Project Qualifications are the following:

OrthoGraph Certified Surveyed Building

This certification confirms the high-quality of building surveying procedures applied during the building survey of one building. Due to the workflow and technology of OrthoGraph building surveys the resulting BIM models are accurate, effectively measured and easy to maintain.

To get this certification the BIM model of the building must be shared in read-only mode to a quality control certifier with the role of Certified OrthoGraph Technical Trainer who should check and run the development workflow of BIM model creation by the tools provided by OrthoGraph. The qualification procedure controls step-by-step the way the BIM model has been developed which ensures that the resulting data is as needed for effective building operation.

The certificate is provided by OrthoGraph headquarters.

OrthoGraph Certified System Implementation

This certification is connected to a project implementation of operating one or more buildings. Every building involved into the project must be an OrthoGraph Certified Surveyed Building to assure data quality and the workflow of data capturing.

The qualification also confirms that the OrthoGraph Ecosystem is used as the central BIM source of all major building operation services in the highest achievable level. This certification not just certifies the quality of the system implementation made by the partner but also the customer demands that they identified the proper requirements and solutions to do building operation on the highest achievable level using OrthoGraph technology.

The system implementation must be evaluated and confirmed by a Certified OrthoGraph System Implementation Partner.

The certificate is provided by OrthoGraph headquarters.

OrthoGraph Partner qualification programs are the following:

OrthoGraph Certified Surveyor

This qualification can be obtained by private individuals. A professional building surveyor is a person who have confirmed on an exam that they are capable of providing the highest accuracy building models within the shortest periods of time using OrthoGraph technology.

There are strict workflows and rules to effectively survey buildings by using OrthoGraph Enterprise and the whole process is trained, exercised during a detailed technical training. At the end the person must successfully qualify on an exam confirming that they have the required experience to fulfill all demands.

The certification of this partner can be provided by a Certified OrthoGraph Technical Trainer.

Certified OrthoGraph Sales Partner

This qualification can be obtained by companies. A company with this certification is allowed to sell OrthoGraph Enterprise licenses and related services. This level of partner must clearly understand the OrthoGraph Ecosystem, its benefits for the end-users and implementation possibilities.

The company is required to purchase the software and hardware components to successfully demo OrthoGraph as well as to show the benefits of implementing the system at live presentations.

The partner gets both detailed technical and sales trainings of OrthoGraph that ensures the required knowledge of being able to define and setup a proper system implementation at the customer.

Partner at this level is not required to provide OrthoGraph surveying or implementation services by itself, but should be able to involve other certified partners to provide high-level implementation services together with them.

The partner provides the direct support to the end-users in case of any questions about the implemented system, and communicates with its distributor in case of detailed technical questions that could not be answered by itself alone.

This certification is provided by OrthoGraph headquarters directly to the Certified OrthoGraph Sales Partners.

Certified OrthoGraph Distributor

This qualification can be obtained by companies. OrthoGraph Distributors must fulfill every aspect as the Certified OrthoGraph Sales Partners, but in addition to that there are further requirements to meet.

They need to participate and qualify on an exam to be able to provide professional OrthoGraph technical trainings. This means they should hire a new or train an existing employee to be a Certified OrthoGraph Technical Trainer so that they can train both their sales partners and end-users to the effective use of the OrthoGraph Enterprise Ecosystem and its benefits to the end-users.

Partner at this level must also hire a new or train an existing employee to be an OrthoGraph Certified Building Surveyor so that they can provide professional building surveying services. A successful system implementation is built up from high-quality data and services together, therefore these qualifications are essential for our professional distribution partners.

Distributors are required to hire OrthoGraph Sales partners. This means they should actively search from new resales partners and they also should be able to provide high-level sales training to them. These skills are required to successfully sell OrthoGraph Enterprise and understand customer demands. To provide this high-level sales trainings they need to have at least one Certified OrthoGraph Sales Trainer in-house which also means that they become a Certified OrthoGraph Sales Partner too.

The same applies to OrthoGraph Distributors: due to the many changes in the OrthoGraph Ecosystem they need to renew their certifications every year to continue providing their services.

This high-level of certification is provided by OrthoGraph headquarters directly.

Certified OrthoGraph Technical Trainer

This qualification can be obtained by private individuals. These individuals should participate on an extended OrthoGraph Technical Training and at the end they should qualify themselves on an exam that they have gathered all technical knowledge that is required to use and train the use of the OrthoGraph Ecosystem.

By succeeding the required exam these partners can train other individuals to become Certified OrthoGraph Technical Trainers as well as they can also provide professional OrthoGraph Building Surveying services. These partners can also provide end-user technical consultation services about defining the implementation and then training of the use of the implemented OrthoGraph Ecosystem.

Partners at this level should own the required hardware devices and software services to provide their training and surveying services.

OrthoGraph provides regular feature updates to these partners, gets them involved in the beta tests and provides high-level technical support. The feedback provided by these partners are strongly impacting the development directions of the OrthoGraph Enterprise technology.

Certified OrthoGraph Sales Trainer

This qualification can be obtained by private individuals. These people are approved to sell or take part of any sales process of the OrthoGraph Enterprise Ecosystem.

OrthoGraph Sales Trainers are required to deep-learn the OrthoGraph Enterprise product opportunities and also its concept, the sales and consultation techniques and tools to be used to achieve highest client satisfaction.

Partners at this level should own the required hardware devices and software services to provide their training and consultation services.

These partners are not required to have a deep technical knowledge about the OrthoGraph Enterprise functionality, rather a clear understanding of its opportunities and the client segment. They should clearly understand the problems and typical user scenarios of facility management to be able to offer the proper solutions.

The certification of OrthoGraph Sales Trainers are provided directly by OrthoGraph headquarters.

Certified OrthoGraph Implementation Partner

This qualification can be obtained by private individuals. At system implementations there are technical requirements to define the protocols and topology of the OrthoGraph Ecosystem deployed for the particular customer. People with proper IT services knowledge and experiences can fulfill this role, but they also need technical understanding of the functionality of OrthoGraph Enterprise.

Implementation Partners must qualify them as OrthoGraph Certified Surveyors to understand the techniques of data acquisition and also participate and successfully pass the exam of Certified OrthoGraph Sales Trainer.

They should purchase an additional system integration training where they learn the API and functionality integration capabilities of the OrthoGraph Ecosystem which knowledge they have to prove on a successful exam.

The certificate to be an OrthoGraph Implementation Partner is provided by the OrthoGraph headquarters.

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