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Why RFID and not barcode?

We have already seen several examples how providing assets with a unique identifier can be beneficial in real estate operation, or even by production machines. In short, the movement of the devices can easily be tracked, the maintainer can check whether he is starting...

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Supporting production line maintenance with OrthoGraph

We have already summarized saving capabilities of OrthoGraph in an earlier article , let’s see how we can utilize the same BIM model we have used for facility management, now for production line and most kinds of industrial maintenance, and how it can minimize or...

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Yes, this is the best moment for a CAFM implementation

The alphanumeric digitization of facility management is available for more than 2 decades. Many have already taken the opportunity, some visioners have even implemented graphical solutions relying on CAD models, as their return on investment was already well visible....

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Reducing the risk of COVID19 in Facility Operation

In epidemic it is crucial to reduce the on-site presence of maintenance workers, minimize their moves and centralize all knowledge of the buildings at their owners/operators instead of having it in the heads of the maintenance crew. With OrthoGraph prior to repairing...

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We help you save the total construction cost of your building!

The longest and most expensive part in a building's life-cycle, is the 30-50 year long period, when the building is in-use, operated. The total cost of this period is approximately ten times as much as the building’s construction cost. By using OrthoGraph's technology...

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