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Everyone wants their own standards

Facility management tasks are performed differently by everyone based on local conditions and requirements. Hospitals, malls, or office buildings are operated differently. This difference is true for both processes and managed devices. Moreover, we are not talking...

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Comparing BIM technologies with the focus on Operational BIM

We think education in digitization of facility management is key to the successful transformation. Operational BIM channel, we explain the difference between each data collection and management technology. Please take this video as educational material, and of course...

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Operational BIM in action – real life example

Operational BIM is about making facility and maintenance management more effective by giving access to the Digital Twin of a building everywhere where it is needed. There are many cost savings achievable by using the technology, we show many of them via a real-life...

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Welcome to the Operational BIM Channel

Learn about what Operational BIM is, how it supports Facility and Maintenance Management, and why we think it is crucial for the successful building operation in the future.Operational BIM is not yet another way of representing buildings for architecture or...

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Why RFID and not barcode?

We have already seen several examples how providing assets with a unique identifier can be beneficial in real estate operation, or even by production machines. In short, the movement of the devices can easily be tracked, the maintainer can check whether he is starting...

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Supporting production line maintenance with OrthoGraph

We have already summarized saving capabilities of OrthoGraph in an earlier article , let’s see how we can utilize the same BIM model we have used for facility management, now for production line and most kinds of industrial maintenance, and how it can minimize or...

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Yes, this is the best moment for a CAFM implementation

The alphanumeric digitization of facility management is available for more than 2 decades. Many have already taken the opportunity, some visioners have even implemented graphical solutions relying on CAD models, as their return on investment was already well visible....

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