OrthoGraph Certified Surveyor

  • Personal certificate
  • Approved to
    • sell OrthoGraph surveying services
  • Required to
    • have a valid OrthoGraph Enterprise Subscription
    • own minimum the following technical components:
      • iPad device – iPad Air 3 64Gb or better
      • Supported Laser Distance Meter – Leica Disto D2 or X4 with DST360 is recommended
      • Optional: Digital angle caliper
    • successfully accomplish related “Certified OrthoGraph Surveyor” exam for getting the certification
  • Gets from OrthoGraph
    • Certification of being a “Certified OrthoGraph Surveyor”
    • Continuous access to the always updated OrthoGraph Technical e-learning training
  • Certification is provided by
    • OrthoGraph, approved by a Certified OrthoGraph Technical Trainer

This qualification can be obtained by private individuals. A professional building surveyor is a person who have confirmed on an exam that they are capable of providing the highest accuracy building models within the shortest periods of time using OrthoGraph technology.

There are strict workflows and rules to effectively survey buildings by using OrthoGraph Enterprise and the whole process is trained, exercised during a detailed technical training. At the end the person must successfully qualify on an exam confirming that they have the required experience to fulfill all demands.

The certification of this partner can be provided by a Certified OrthoGraph Technical Trainer.

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