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Can’t you just import data from my BIM model?

Even though something could be reused, still it's much faster and more accurate to capture the as-built building and its objects by using OrthoGraph.As disappointing as it seems, typically BIM doesn’t contain the valuable operational data you need, but only it just...

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Does OrthoGraph need much learning, development, education?

OrthoGraph was developed with simplicity in mind.We speak about days or weeks in total even for large buildings.Less then you think, just start with the first step. The deepest technical training we have is 3-4 days for those users who really want to make...

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Can I use the data of OrthoGraph in my existing systems?

OrthoGraph has a free, open API for integration.In addition the web graphical viewer is also available for embedding for free of charge.OrthoGraph can be easily integrated with most CAFM/CMMS/ERP/BMS and any third-party system that needs building data, graphical...

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What is the usual Return on Investment of Operational BIM?

It depends on how you use it. Typically at the first use, but within the first year is the most.It very much depends on how much the data produced by OrthoGraph Enterprise is used. If it is used well in many workflows, tenderings and operational decisions, then the...

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Where is my data stored? What about data security?

Either hosted by OrthoGraph as SaaS or you decide as per your preference.Switching can be done anytime.OrthoGraph data can be stored at 3 locations: Central OrthoGraph Cloud located within the EU On a Microsoft Azure or AWS dedicated cloud hosting service (organized...

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Do I need a BIM manager to use OrthoGraph?

It's not required, even though it makes sense. But not as you would think, not for BIM management. Rather for using the data for analytics, to optimize the operation.Capturing the reality of your buildings can be done by Certified OrthoGraph Surveyors or even your own...

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What data will I get? What is the everyday purpose?

You decide the level of details. We recommend you to store only the least enough data.OrthoGraph provides you the level of detail and information (LOD and LOI) as much as it is needed for your facility operation. In any case you’ll get full as-built information on all...

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