OrthoGraph has a free, open API for integration.
In addition the web graphical viewer is also available for embedding for free of charge.

OrthoGraph can be easily integrated with most CAFM/CMMS/ERP/BMS and any third-party system that needs building data, graphical functionality via its open API. There are already ready to use integrations available, such as the one with ArchiFM or Planon.

OrthoGraph is working as the major data source of building and machinery Digital Twin data. It can be integrated to any external system such as CAFM, CMMS, BMS or any enterprise system that needs building data. Such systems are responsible for operational workflows, so your existing data should be connected to the OrthoGraph data at those systems and OrthoGraph should be kept as the graphical asset inventory source of the same systems.

Data integration has several levels thus several implementation periods / resource needs:

  1. Every OrthoGraph elements have their own links that can be entered to any external system’s element data. These links give an instant reference to the given OrthoGraph graphical element both on mobile devices and in web browsers too. This doesn’t need any software installation.
  2. The Excel export of OrthoGraph contains every location (room), objects, door and window with their measured and calculated data attached. In addition every element has a column called “qlink” which contains at each element their link to their graphical representation. By simply filtering, pivoting the native OrthoGraph Excel export data analysis, decision making can have a strong and reliable support.
  3. OrthoGraph has industry standard output formats as a snapshot of the living Operational BIM such as IFC, DXF, Excel or PDF. These exports can be imported to be used for re-designing buildings, running analytics or data processing in third-party systems.
  4. OrthoGraph’s API interface gives direct access to the Operational BIM data. The Application Programming Interface is freely usable and has a high-level data protection implemented in it.
  5. OrthoGraph’s 2D/3D graphical viewer can be freely integrated into any system that needs a graphical representation of the Digital Twin handled in OrthoGraph. This graphical viewer can be automated to display locations or any elements of it as well as it is capable to run graphical reports automated by the external system.

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