Even though something could be reused, still it’s much faster and more accurate to capture the as-built building and its objects by using OrthoGraph.

As disappointing as it seems, typically BIM doesn’t contain the valuable operational data you need, but only it just looks like it were. We have seen many sources and met always the same problem.

We can provide IFC importing services to use existing IFC models still we recommend capturing the building for the last time and then keeping the documentation updated during its total usage lifecycle.

Unfortunately BIM files in the least cases follow those documentation standards that are required for operation. Many cases we meet IFC files containing only IFCBuildingElementProxy data types, or only walls used to model everything instead of using the IFC typification of every asset and location.

Attributes such as rooms, room categories, unique room numbers, flooring, cladding, and baseboard materials and object details are typically missing. These attributes are required for contracting, for tendering or for evaluating the “performance” of the building just to pinpoint some of the data missing.

Still, these models can be imported into OrthoGraph as a service, but in our experience it is more work even with the existing amount of data than to capture the building on-site with the most important properties, panoramas, photos etc. – that already highly exceed the content of the existing BIM.

We recommend reading the FAQ article of My building was designed in BIM. Do I already have a digital twin? for more details.

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