Operational BIM is about graphical data and inventory to supply for CAFM, CMMS, IWMS, BMS and all other abbreviations.

OrthoGraph is not a CAFM or CMMS system, but probably the most comprehensive data provider of such systems. Operational BIM brings in real-life building data into any system that needs building and asset data. OrthoGraph doesn’t cover workflows, or handle contracts but handles all building and equipment details graphically to support them. This data is accessible in the everyday workflows and can be maintained by the regular maintenance crew. All changes will be provided to external systems like CAFM, CMMS, BMS and anything that needs building data via its integration API.

Accessing building data for the workflows is supported by mobile technology on-site for the maintenance crew, and using a simple web browser decision makers can also access the same 3D view of the building and its assets with their properties – not requiring CAD systems and their knowledge for that.

In addition to all this OrthoGraph supports unique identifiers such as barcodes or RFID chips placed on the assets. These identifiers can later be used by the CAFM / CMMS systems to control if and when the particular assets has been physically accessed or control cleaning workflows.

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