Are you planning a renovation and looking for ways to save time and money? Imagine being able to cut weeks or even months off your renovation timeline while also significantly reducing costs. It’s possible with the right planning and digital tools, valid data. Let us help you make your renovation dreams a reality!

Are you tired of the constant changes in your building, with tenants coming and going and functional changes? Do you want to improve the performance of your building by moving partition walls? Look no further! With our as-built surveying, your own team can process a condition survey and create an accurate 3D BIM within days or weeks.

With an Operational BIM in hand, you can easily see how much area needs to be repainted, the baseboard or cladding surfaces, and the amount of waste generated. All this information is instantly available, saving you months of surveying time. Tenderings will have real base amounts and communication with suppliers is made easy with 3D documentation available in a simple web browser or industry standard CAD formats.

If you prefer to have all condition surveying and BIM modeling done as a service, we have many certified OrthoGraph partners available for hire. So why wait? Speed up your renovation work and reduce costs today!

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