Have you ever encountered discrepancies between building plans and the constructed facility? Don’t leave it to chance – make sure you’re working with your suppliers based on real, accurate data! With our help, you can ensure that your accounting is based on the facts, not assumptions. Don’t let inaccuracies cost you – take control today!

Building construction is about more than just walls, doors, and windows. There are often differences between plans and reality, whether it’s due to changes requested by a large tenant in a shopping mall, lack of materials, or design errors. All of these factors can result in changes to the floor plan.

But that’s just one side of the coin. Accurately recording the location of built-in assets, as well as any problems or breakdowns that occur during construction, can add significant value. For example, if a plan calls for a specific model of fan coil but the distributor can only provide half the amount needed, you may need to purchase several other models to finish construction on time.

It’s essential to record all of these changes to provide accurate data for accounting with suppliers and investors. This includes accurate surface measurements, detailed inventory, and a clear list of assets and building elements that need to be repaired before handover.

OrthoGraph’s Operational BIM provides all of this and more. The same model used for construction documentation can also provide significant value for long-term operation. It’s a valuable asset that can be sold to the future owner or operator of the building. Whenever there’s a maintenance request, this documentation can serve as a source of location and asset details for the equipment in question.

Don’t leave your construction accounting to chance – start accurately recording what’s built into your building today and save money, time, and stress. With OrthoGraph, you can take control of your construction process and ensure a successful outcome.

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