During today’s pandemic hospital renovation and refurbishment is more and more in focus. This might be a reason we receive more and more inquiries about hospital surveys, moreover, for a fairly similar purpose. Major renovations and alterations are being planned, and it is clear that the documentation of hospital properties is quite incomplete, but where it exists at all, it is usually significantly outdated as well. As these renovations are not small projects but are on tight budget, it is very important to know the real quantities for tendering, and the speed is also vital. This is where OrthoGraph comes into play.

One day we received a request from one of our clients for the need for wall painting surfaces, footing and wall covering surfaces, and floor covering surfaces. We should also record the material of these covers, but it would also be nice to record some assets, and in addition what plans they have with them: replacement or just repair, or maybe it’s okay what’s right there now. Of course, it would be great to attach photos wherever it is possible, because they help a lot in planning and decision-making later.

It would be good if we could start all this “yesterday”. We got ourselves together, the next morning one colleague started on the spot, so the survey started quickly. The hospital also provided the competent technicians, who continuously provided us the required survey information on repairs and renovations, which we also recorded for each object and wall section.

I called the client proudly and gladly that we were doing well with the survey, and I was immediately asked, “Can I get the calculated data today?” As our surveyor – despite the clutter caused by the pandemic – was doing well, I was able to send the first Excel statements early in the evening with all the requested data, calculated surfaces, but even we provided links to each drawing and inventory item that the customer could immediately view in 2D or 3D, simply in their browser, in the office. OrthoGraph provides all this from the site by default, constantly updated.

It has become a success story. Successful and transparent tenders were issued based on real and accurate data we provided, very quickly. The customer is satisfied. Nothing shows this better than the fact that new orders are also coming from this customer, but we also receive inquiries from other hospital areas in a row.

Check out this little summary video we made about the on-site work and their results: