The first ever proptech event has been held in Greece. It was a professionally organized event by Stella Tsartsara, with already great interest, well-known and highly appreciated presenters and many visitors.

Adam Korbuly, the CTO of OrthoGraph has been invited to present about the relationship of BIM and Proptech. The presentation was about BIM in Proptech, the value generation of BIM in different building lifecycle phases.

The topics the presentation were the following:

  • Digital Innovation needs data and visulatization
  • Relation of BIM and Proptech
  • Evolution of BIM
  • Operational BIM and its value generation in the most expensive building lifecycle part: Operational Phase
  • From BIM to Proptech through an industrial example
  • Energy, BIM, Proptech, Industry
  • The dimensions of savings in building operation by using Operational BIM

Should you be interested about the presentation itself please click here to watch it…

To learn more about the conference please visit the website of Proptech Greece by clicking here…

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