We all know that a new era has come where we need to adapt to the new living and working conditions brought by COVID-19.

On one hand social distancing is crucial, on the other hand we would like to reopen our offices to work together again. Respecting the distance between each other in the office keeps the virus from spreading around in the team, which not just prevents them to be sick, but also saves the team from getting away for 5-8 weeks. OrthoGraph proposes a smart way how to ensure that both objectives are met, what is more, some savings can be realized at the end of the day.

For about 1/10th of an avarage monthly office rental fee we provide you the necessary tools to measure your current office layout to BIM, and then rearrange the seats in a proper way to meet the new requirements. You will see how fast you can create the digital twin of your office with all furniture and objects in it. While progressing with your measurements the system will instantly highlight in red any non conform seating distances.

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Once the survey is done, you can simply rearrange the furniture of the office using OrthoGraph’s intuitive drag’n’drop function on your mobile device (iPad) with the support of instant graphical feedback. Move around the items until everything becomes green so that you can be sure that social distancing is completely respected.

Export the item list of the new fit-out to Excel and PDF and then you will be able to carry out the physical moves – still instantly, on the site. With OrthoGraph’s 2D/3D web viewer tool you can even share in real time what you are doing. Decision makers and employees can follow how the offices will be rearranged, and how much you take care of them.

How about the ROI

One month, or less. Either you want to bring back all your colleagues from home-office, or you prefer to run an ’office and remote work’ rotation system, your spaces will be optimized.

By using OrthoGraph you get instant feedback about how optimally you are organizing the office space. The Excel output will clearly list all spaces with their detailed area information and also the number of available work places. It is not just rapid, but it also helps you set up the most effective arrangement.

Save on your office rent while keeping your team together. Social distancing will prevent you from paying unnecessary rental costs and minimize the risk of team members contamination.

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