In epidemic it is crucial to reduce the on-site presence of maintenance workers, minimize their moves and centralize all knowledge of the buildings at their owners/operators instead of having it in the heads of the maintenance crew.

With OrthoGraph prior to repairing a breakdown the maintenance worker can check the location and properties (including photos, videos, recorded system noise) of the equipment, so going out for the repair can be done with proper tools and materials. Navigation to the particular equipment can also be optimized resulting in less move and minimizing downtime.

Minimizing downtime is might be crucial in many circumstances (e.g. in hospitals saving human lifes), that is also supported by the on-site accessible building documentation.

When the repair is done, the changes have to be registered right on-site, using OrthoGraph’s mobile functionality. This ensures all building knowledge is going to be kept always up-to-date and accessible to all maintenance workers and decision makers.