Semmelweis University Hungary’s largest hospital-university complex has approximately 400 000 m(2) of floor plan space. It’s built up of fully functionaly hospitals, educational areas and research labs. Many of them are over 100 years old, many of them are newly built, what is sure, the services they provide brought them to be within the top 100 universities in Europe and 200-250 all around the world.

OrthoGrap Pro with all tools needed

The initial project was about surveying the water blocks for a renovation project, but within a very limited time. We had to capture two hospital buildings of 12 000m² within days, and we succeeded. There was even a higher time pressure on this condition survey, inventory of sanitary and wall, baseboard and cladding surfaces collection with used materials and their conditions. Please read the article about it here: OrthoGraph in Hospitals –where the same-day results is the expectation | OrthoGraph

After the success of this initial project, we have been invited to continue with further 30 000m² of buildings, that needed renovation. We have finished with the total of approximately 40 000m² within one and half month with stunning results. Basically people would think that the 3D BIM, the IFC output of OrthoGraph held the greatest value, but it was only the tip of the iceberg. 

We provided results such as:

  • Exact inventory of all gas outlets, hospital beds and high-value hospital equipment with their condition
  • Inventory of all lighting furniture for planning ESG optimization
  • surface breakdown of room areas broken down to functionts and conditions (flooring, baseboard, cladding)
  • exact room condition list showing how much of the buildings require renovation and on what level
  • web graphical access to the 3D BIM for integration with operational systems (facility, hospital and educational)
  • RFID identifiers on all assets inventoried

Read more about how OrthoGraph can help the operation and renovation of Hospitals, Universities, Pharmaceutical institutions in the following article: Hospitals / Healthcare | OrthoGraph

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